Crystal E. Monds is a southern born creative merging the intrinsic cultural powers of visual arts and healing arts. This is a Black woman owned endeavor and a proud active supporter of the Movement for Black Lives.

iLove Letters

iLove Letters is a photographic project that encourages thorough, pure, and intense love of self that is void of the superficial ego. In order to understand, give, and emit love fluently, one must first experience it within. This love is not one of pride, or show, or gifting of material things. This love is not one of physical appreciation, possession, or status. It simply exists in it's most potent form.


This movement exists to harness the gifts of an intensely spiritual outward love, and redirect it inward.

Do you know what it feels like to be loved by you? Potently loved. Actively loved. Receptively loved?

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